Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Soundout-ICE!

I've been reserving Wednesdays for Curriculum review but have been doing a lot of that all week. We had a major ice storm here today so the kids were pretty much housebound and we managed to catch up on some work that got pushed to the side before Christmas. Morgan worked on more Math today from Math Advantage. Today was Polygons. Pete our Boxer checked her work for accuracy. Morgan always says that she doesn't like Math but she is really good at it. It makes sense to her. Doesn't always make sense to her mother but good thing my fourth grader can explain it to me. After her Math and Language Arts were finished she did more painting. Lots of Polygons. Actually she was going for the stained glass effect. The kids really are loving their new watercolor set and we already ran out of paper. Patrick did his math on the living room floor today while I had this thing....put in my arm for my IV antibiotics. Blech. Wow-look how messy my kitchen is. Tell me how I'm supposed to eat a sandwich when I can't even bend my arm?
As I mentioned, we had a huge ice storm in RI today. Salt and sand couldn't take away the slipperiness. The stairs were one big sheet of ice and we lost a huge branch on our willow tree. But doesn't the ice look pretty on the branches?

The ice tree just off our deck. In the back is the chicken coop covered in plastic to give the girls a little break from the weather. It doesn't seem to bother them. We gathered 4 eggs yesterday.
My long since gone flower pot in the front of the house...gorgeous in the ice. The kids are due back from the neighbors house by 3pm so I have just enough time for a cat nap.


Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow RI home schooler. I've never made it to meeting house, but I do enjoy your blog. My daughter's father also had lyme disease and he had to do the shunt for about 4 weeks too. He actually lost hearing in one ear, supposedly due to the lyme. I hope this knocks the lyme out for you!

homeschool mamma said...

Thanks so much,

Stephanie said...

I love the stained-glass watercolor picture! It's beautiful!

homeschool mamma said...

It looks great against the glass letting the light shine thru!