Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soaps of Days Gone By

So not to much to blog on today. We've started using our homemade laundry soap. Those aren't cheese curls. It's Fels Naptha Soap. Next time we have to grate the soap a little finer or buy the preshredded stuff. Gotta say. I like it so far and for about $0.04 a load we are saving a boatload. The laundry smells fresh and clean like it was hung on a clothes line. Granted there are no Lavender smells but I bet with a little tweaking I can incorporate different scents. We bought a starter kit here:

Morgan and Tae love playing on Crazy Machines on the computer. It has some really cool stuff to create. The kids get to invent these really wild crazy machines. Some have pullies, spinning wheels, ignitions and all kinds of cool things.

Morgan working on American History with our cat Dixie keeping watch. I think the dark sunglasses make American History easier to bear.

Tae is loving doing workbooks. Personally, I hate them but this kids loves it. We covered the letter D this week as well as the color blue, triangle, patterning and the number 4. Did I mention that last week when I was in the hospital and Dad took over teaching that the kids had a blast. Larry and Tae covered the shape Diamond. Know what Tae drew on his diamond scavenger hunt paper? A picture of my wine rack. Yup. Four years old and drawing mommy's wine stash.
But he's really starting to put letters together with sounds. Then we went on a scavenger hunt in the house for things that began with the letter D. I found a really nice curriculum for him online at:
Even though I hate dittos and workbooks, this is a nice gentle curriculum that incorporates daily reading suggestions, nursery rhymes and colors. Since it doesn't require a whole lot of work on my end that makes me very happy.
I was also able to speak to my neighbor up the street. She 's been bringing the kids to Sign language class since I'm not able to drive. We caught up on everything and got around to discussing chickens again. We both want to order more for egg production and probably will combine orders for ease. Right now we are getting 2-4 eggs a day but going thru them like crazy and I have other homeschoolers who have asked to buy some fresh eggs. I ordered last year from:
And probably will order from them again.
The weather has been terrible today. We had about 2 more inches of snow this morning and pouring freezing rain tonight. Our back deck is a sheet of ice and there is wet heavy snow everywhere. Morgan's soccer practice was canceled because of the weather. I have to say I was delightfully pleased. I'm off to look for a quiche' recipe to use all of these glorious eggs up.
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kitchenwitch said...

I have a really yummy, simple quiche recipe... I bring it to potlucks all the time. I can find it for ya if you are interested. I'm glad you are home again, and look forward to getting together someday!

homeschool mamma said...

Send the recipe my way. You can email me off line.