Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Savings Checkup

No pictures today. I forgot to charge the battery in the camera. I thought I would do a check in and show you my savings so far this year. I also went to Stop and Shop on Saturday and thought I did lousy since my bill was $131.22. But I found I did really well once I checked my register receipt. I have to remember that this was a holiday week and they always cost a little more.
Stop and Shop had tons of BOGO's this week. These are great weeks to stock up on the items you use a lot of. This week Pepperridge farm bread was BOGO. Normally priced at $3.99 that is a huge savings there. BUT I had a save $0.75 coupon which was doubled ($1.50). That's a total savings of $5.49.
The other items that were BOGO were Thomas English muffins (combined with a $1/1) coupon, Breyers Icecream (combined with a $1/2 coupon), Hillshire farms turkey kielbasa (combined with a $1/1 coupon), Lays potato chips, Lipton rice dinners were on sale for $1.00 each. I had two coupons to save $1/3 so I ended up getting 6 boxes (2 free). Ball park franks were BOGO and I had save $1/2.
My big huge savings was on Land O Lakes butter. We go thru a lot of butter but I'm very well stocked now since I've been hitting so many great deals.
Stop and shop had 1 pound butter on sale for $1.99 (normally $3.49). I had 3 coupons for save $0.55/1 pound. Stop and shop doubled these which came to $1.10 savings. I paid $0.89 for each pound of butter. Not too bad!
So here's my savings so far this year. Remember we stocked up at the beginning of the year so spent a little more. And this doesn't include our milk since we have that delivered. And we didn't start this until February First so we have about 10 weeks under our belt. But that still only averages out about $94 a week-still under my $100 a week budget. And all of that included stocking up that pantry.
Coupon savings and in store savings YTD=$861.92
Total spending =$937.22
That's pretty darn remarkable!


Julie said...

Hey Bev,
You'd be proud of me. I just went to Rite-Aid and stocked up on toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bandaids...etc....I got $37.80 worth of "stuff" for $18.83...that's more than 50% off!!

homeschool mamma said...

It's addictive isn't it?

BECKY! said...

That's really awesome! I do find some of my "bigger" spending trips are actually more rewarding or have a bigger % saved. I think "Man! I spent $80!" But when I see that I saved $80+ - it really seems worth it.

homeschool mamma said...

Love seeing that $40 or $50 coming off the bill. Some of the cashiers are even amazed.