Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roadkill Bunnies

This was the adorable bunny from our Great Harvest Bread Company Field trip. Isn't it cute? The plump little body and cherubic head. Perfectly shaped bunny ears, little bunny eyes. Yesterday, I put on my wondermom cape and decided that, "HA-I can make those. Who wants to pay $6.50 for a bunny bread." My kids were enthused, and we began our yeasty sculpting.

Ahhhh. See. Children crafting food products that will look just perfect on my Sister-in law's Easter Table.
Let's examine these creations from the netherlands a bit closer. OKAY-so the first two aren't looking so bad. You can tell they are errrmm Bunnies....or roadkill. Either one. Which ever works for you. Bunny number 3 seems to be missing some limbs and it appears as if the he's pooped out some rabbit pellets. Oh wait-that's his nose.

Here are the little critters meeting their fate as I watch thru the oven door.
AHHH-delightful. Dumbo bunny is taking nap. Poor thing-his ears slid right off his head so fast it made him crossed eyed. And he grew a wart on his forehead.
Now Unicorn Bunny isn't looking that bad. Except he probably is the NEMO of the bunny world with his ears all askew. Hmmm-I feel a children's story coming on. Perfect title-Unicorn Bunny.
Then there is this lovely creation. Poor, poor Hydrocephalic Bunny. His brain has swelled so much that it's pushed his ears onto his back. And his poor widdle head is so heavy that his docked tail of a nose has protruded beyond recognition. And the poor big brained bunny obviously cannot see with those squished eyes. And what is that ominous blob of roundness at the bunny's behind. Ooooooh see-that's the bagel bread Morgan made. What? Can't see the hole in the middle? Well it swelled in the oven and came out looking like an "inny" belly button.
See? Very creative kids. I may have to buy some shellac and preserve these memories.

In the meantime, I'll be sure to order my Honey Bunny Bread next year from Great Harvest.
Happy Easter!


Kate in NJ said...

lol, Thanks for the giggle!!
By did I need it today.

Kat RN said...

They came out really cute! Better than anything I could have made.