Monday, April 27, 2009

Roger Williams Park and Zoo Day

The Weather was gorgeous here in Rhode Island yesterday so we decided to meet some friends at the Zoo and have a picnic at the playground at Roger Williams Park and Zoo.

The Polar Bears are no longer there. They are redoing their exhibit and it should be done next year. I can't wait to see the completed project because it will give the bears 10 times the space they had before with much more room and pools to swim in.

This strange looking duck was swimming in the ponds in the park. I have no idea what it is but the warty growths on its face made it quite hideous.

The Elephant exhibit was just redone also. They have much more room to move around, a mud pit to play in and pools for cooling off.

Tae and Morgan checking out a learning table with some animal skins on it. Tae learned that every Zebra has its own pattern of stripes much like a human's fingerprints with no two ever being alike. He was amazed at how bristly the hair on the Zebra was.

Tae checks out a piece of Walrus tusk and an African carved drinking Gourd.

The Giraffe's are always fun to watch.

Beautiful patterning.

The African wild dogs were taking a snooze in the warm weather.

The Snow Leopard is just beautiful but very old.

There is also a pair of Eagles. Both the male and female were injured by hunters and can no longer fly so must remain at the Zoo. The Zoo does a lot of conservation work and releases injured animals as much as possible. This mama Eagle is sitting on a nest. I'm not sure if she has eggs or not.

The Pink Flamingos are just gorgeous. I don't know how they can sleep on one leg like that.

Creepy bats in the cave.

This is a Cavy. It looks like a cross between a deer, rabbit and kangaroo.

The moon bear was taking a nap. It's hard to see him through the glass enclosure.

We were able to watch feeding time for the seals.

These four monkeys were spotted in the trees.

This termite mound was very cool. I wonder if I can build one in the backyard with the homeschoolers. Seems easy enough.

The Anteater was very weird looking. I never realized how huge they are.

The kids played by the wetlands and were facinated with the huge Carp that came right up to the edge of the pond. They are always close up.

We also spotted this Canadian Goose sitting on a clutch of eggs. I counted at least 12 eggs.
After the Zoo we had a picnic lunch and played at the playground. Here Gideon demonstrates how to squish is mother.

Morgan loves to climb.
"Hey Mom-take a picture of me jumping off the swings."

Splat! But she's still smiling and was laughing hysterically especially after I showed her this picture. Good things kids can bounce.

Tae on the tortuous stretching machine.

Morgan and Kiara goofing off.

Future Fireman?
Morgan's left hand looks a little swollen and I had no idea that she was picking Mr. Potato Head's nose until I went through the pictures. There were three other pictures just like this.
Really nice day with friends-we had a blast.


Kate in NJ said...

Looks like a great zoo and lovely weather for it.

BECKY! said...

This zoo is awesome! My kids and I stopped here for a "bathroom break" yesterday! We were traveling home from Southern CT. Seriously great! The boys loved it and so did I! I didn't think it would be as awesome as it was! Even the park was beautiful and whatnot - Way to go Rhode Island! ;)

homeschool mamma said...

So glad you enjoyed it! We have a membership and are there a lot. Check out the state police equestrian center, botanical garden, museum of natural history, the music temple and playground next time you are in town.

Anonymous said...

The strange looking duck is a Muscovy.
I think those 4 monkeys in the tree are adorable!

natalie aubin said...

I don't know why I come up anonymous Bev, anyway, I also go by the name Natalie

homeschool mamma said...

Thanks Natalie-I knew a fellow WUC would know.