Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Harvest Bread Company Field Trip

Our homeschool co-op had a field trip today to the Great Harvest Bread Company.
Look at all the yummy breads they had listed. And no I didn't have a coupon for any of them.
This was Ray, our tour guide. Love his shirt. It says, "Prepare to Meet Your Baker."
If I had a big jar like this I would fill it with Biscotti too! Maybe chocolate chip cookies instead.
Or how about some yummy muffins?
The kids each got to make their own mini loaf of bread while the mom's shopped out front. I bought some yummy granola, some cinnamon chip pancake mix (and got a really cool spatula for free with the mix) and I bought some mediterranean olive loaf that we ate with our Shepherd's Pie tonight. And I bought a totally delicious iced coffee that really made my afternoon.
Tae had a great time rolling out the honey wheat dough.
The twins gave it a good workout too.
Shane needed a little nap today.
Morgan preferred to make bread doughnuts.
This was their milling machine. Every day they grind their wheat and all of their ingredients fresh. I didn't realize when I left this room that I leaned against the wall and had a lovely coating of white on my coat.
They even grind their own pumpkin seeds to make pumpkin bread. Or are these sunflower seeds? Hard to tell.
Ray put the kid's bread into the oven. We learned that the oven can make 180 loaves of bread at one time. The whole place smelled just delightful.

The kids loaves came out of the oven and they were able to take them home in a goodie bag. In each of the bags was a packet of wheat grass seeds to grow at home.
Little ones just love gift bags. Even if it does contain wheat grass seeds.
Gideon sculpted this outstanding Ginger bread boy (out of whole wheat bread).

Can we have a cookie please Mommy?

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Kate in NJ said...

Fun! Happy Easter!!