Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stewie is a Cutie!

Larry has been calling everyday to keep me posted on Stewie. They are both doing great. Stewie had his first dinner out at a restaurant last night and quietly curled up under the table and didn't make a peep. Larry said he was so good that he forgot that Stewie was there. Larry is having a hard time adjusting to a 60 pound dog jumping on him in the morning when his alarm clock goes off. I guess it's still better than me giving him kidney punches to get up. I can't wait to get them both home.

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Tim said...

A 60lb wakeup dog is something to get used to. It should be fun when they get home. I will try to say hello to Larry and Stewie at graduation. Graduation can be crazy and we should have another puppy by then. Take care Tim