Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Chicken Whisperer

Here is Patrick with his favorite silkie chicken named Cotton. That's Rosie looking on to see if she can get some laptime too. You can't tell from the picture but Cotton is sound asleep on Patrick's lap. My oldest child, Patrick just turned 12 years old on Monday. He is my sweet, sensitive boy and loves all of God's creatures. What other kid would make a pet out of a chicken? But I have to admit that I love the chickens too. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to their soft clucking as they happily peck at the cracked corn. They also have an affinity for anything shiny like diamond rings or sparkly sandles. They are quite amusing to watch but honestly, I've never met a dumber animal.

Patrick has spent his days hiding in his new Monsterology book. He also is reason a book on Zombies and the next in his series called Beringr. I actually hate buying him books just for the sole reason that he finishes them so quickly. Borrowing books doesn't work for us. Patrick likes to read them over and over and often has 3 books going at once. He'd rather read than just about anything else. This week for homeschool we are working on writing reports. Patrick is doing his report on Hermit Crabs. He has researched them on the internet and happily spews out tons of little known facts about Hermit Crabs. Most mornings you can hear him saying, "And did you know......".

How far he's come. He often forgets what he is doing in the middle of his chores, he has never been able to memorize or recall the multiplication tables and often can't find his shoes. But this sweet, gentle boy is a friend to everyone and sees no difference in young or old, race or color, or boy or girl. He has never, ever bullied anyone (except for his brother and sister which I believe is a right of passage) because he knows what it is like to be bullied. He is the peacemaker, the chicken whisperer, the Ghandi of Rhode Island. I love his quirks and his short comings and his talents. I am so very proud of him.

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