Sunday, October 5, 2008

On Being Grateful

Last night was our fundraiser for Canines for Combat Vets. I had a great time with only a few snags but honestly, I have let them go. There are so many to thank, the members of our church, our friends who contributed so many awesome auction items, our family who all attended and complete strangers who heard of our cause and felt a need to give.

In all we raised over $18,000 dollars. $10,000 will go to Larry's hearing dog and the rest to the Combat Vets program. In all, 2 service dogs were sponsored. We are ever humbled at the generous outpouring of support and love. Everyone has a cause so the fact that so many chose to help us with the Combat Vets is stunning to me.

We found out this past friday that Larry has been matched with a hearing dog. The pictures above are of Stewie, his third hearing dog who is a one year old yellow lab. We met Stewie on Friday while we were visiting NEADS. Stewie and our dog Pete got along great. Larry will travel at the end of the month for a week of intensive training with Stewie before he comes home to our family. Stewie will go to work everyday with Larry, he will go to grocery stores and everywhere else with him helping him to hear the sounds of the world. Stewie will be the enhancement feature to Larry's cochlear implant.

Mixed in with some difficult times this week was some wonderful news and great times. Perhaps that is life.

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