Sunday, October 19, 2008

Living it Through

It's been a week since I've posted. We've been with family and attended my mother-in-laws wake and funeral. It was a week today that she passed away. It's funny how we so quickly return to the tasks of our lives and move through the grief. It is all you can do. Move through it. It comes in waves sometimes lingering and sometimes fleeting quickly. Larry lit a candle at church today for both of his parents. I lit one for the two of us as tomorrow is our 18th wedding anniversary. We've really been together about 22 years (God that makes me feel old!) and even through the difficult times we've had each other. There are a few good men in the world. Larry is one of them. He's a keeper. Tomorrow I have an actual dinner date with him complete with babysitter to watch the kids while we spend some much needed time alone.

Larry leaves next Monday for an entire week to complete the training with his new Hearing Dog Stewie. A whole week gone-really not looking forward to his going at all but we are excited about the dog. It's been a bright spot in some very difficult weeks.

Saturday I was at an all day conference for the Unitarian Universalist Association in Worcester, Mass. Four other women from my church all attended and the carride there became what we now call "Carpool Ministry". It was wonderful to hear Rev. Sinkford Preach and listen to his resounding, "We are much better together than we are alone." It was also interesting to hear the two candidates for the UUA presidency speak and debate. I picked up a few books, one on Everyday Spiritual Practice and the other on Leadership Development Curriculum. The one disappointment during the day was the last workshop on Leadership and Volunteerism. It really didn't offer a lot for us.

Larry is out walking the dog-I'm guessing it's his meditation time. Many events to process from this past week. I have lesson plans and meals for the week to prepare and I'll call his sister to check in with her. It all goes on.

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