Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Husband is Leaving Me

Bet that got your attention huh? Ok so it's only for a week that he is leaving me. Geez-we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. Time is tight for us. So much so that we had to have our datenight on a Monday night. It had been so long since we had been out. We went to the lovely 1149 restaurant a few towns over. The food was fabulous-not a complaint from the raw littlenecks to the creme-brule'. But the wine-why is it so expensive in restaurants? We bought a bottle of BV coastal-it was $60.00. Now I have no qualms on spending money on good things...especially wine but why is this particular brand only $18 in the liquor store? Ok so maybe I have one complaint.

We had a great time-it was lovely being without the kids and to not have to eat on paper placements with a choice of coloring crayons. It is a rare treat for us to get alone time-I so cherish it.

So back to why my husband's leaving me. Next week he is leaving to go for training with his third hearing dog. I really hate when he is away. Makes me feel like a single mom and I do miss him so very much. I may be one of those rare people that actually likes their husband and loves having him home with us.
But next week will prove to be crazy. We just found out that our Darling Daughter has made the competitive soccer team-scoring in the top 1/3 of those that tried out. YEAH! So why does this make me crazy? Well the recreational soccer season is not yet over (ends in one week)so that means that rec soccer practice is on Tuesday, competitive practice on Wednesday, Competitive game on Thursday and rec game on Saturday. Yes-4 days of soccer next week with a church meeting, homeschool Halloween party, sign language and a baby shift at work (that I'm going to have to call out from since we don't have a baby sitter). Honestly, I've worked so little I really think they are going to fire my behind (I secretly hope). I so look forward to the day when I can spend time on writing and not feel rushed.
Hey, did I mention that I was blogging for UU homeschoolers? Check out my recent posting.
I'm also giving my first sermon in November on Organ Donation. Whew-it was hard to write without being overly depressing. I'm really nervous but sure it will be fine. I hope I've uplifted it enough. I planned the whole service all by myself right down to the readings and music. Larry read my sermon last night and was crying as he read it. Perhaps more uplift is needed.
I've been spending some time in the pulpit (ok off to the side of the pulpit) lately with the minister as a worship partner. I guess you could equate it the position of Deacon in other churches. Very fun-yeah-yeah-I'm also probably one of the few that gets a high by going to church.
I'm still in the process of writing thank you notes for our fundraiser. I've done a few but very far behind. I will get there. I hope everyone knows how grateful we are.
Time for the little one's bath. More ponderings later.


Tim said...

I hope Larry is doing well at Neads. What a great program they have there. My wife and I are puppy raisers for Neads. We just had our first dog graduate and he was matched up with a Combat veteran. We are very proud of him.
I have a link to a video of Dango and Brian at my blog if you want to check it out.
Thanks for doing the fundraising so veterans like Brian do not have to pay for a dog.

Will Larry be at the March graduation? We will be there. Our second dog got match this week. She will be a Service dog for the class room.
We get to see her at a meet and great in November.
Enough blogging from me. Best of luck to you and Larry. Tim

Bev said...

Thanks Tim,
We will be at the next graduation. Watch my blog and I'll post some new pictures of Stewie-Larry sent me some great photos today. The video was great. Hope to meet up with you at the next graduation.