Friday, May 1, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Chicken and Corn Chowder that's what. I've been feeling lousy for a few days and it's raining today so soup for dinner is perfect. I have some homemade bread that I made yesterday to go along with the chowder. Comfort food.

Yesterday I posted about using the things I love to my advantage and making my home work for me. Today, I went around and snapped some pictures of more things that delight me.

This was an ice box that belonged to my husband's family. It sat in disrepair for many years before we inherited it. The inside was lined with tattered aluminum and the doors were missing. My husband made new doors and we found some antique hardware to put on. Right now we use this as my linen cabinet in the master bath but I'd like to move it to a more visable place.

Okay-so this one doesn't always make my house run more smoothly but he's still cute.
He and Morgan were playing a game of wrap the mummy. There's some things I just stay out of.
My mom made this old style wash bowl and pitcher when she used to go to ceramics. It's not old but I love it. Very Little House on the Prairie-don't you think?

This apple mixing bowl sits on my shelf in my office/classroom. It has a huge crack and is too fragile to use but it makes me happy.

This blue sponge ware bowl also sits in my office. The edges are very worn.

This was the salt dip jar that I dusted off and now use. It used to hang on the wall in my Grandmother's house but now just sits on my counter. It's so convenient to grab a pinch of salt while cooking. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

A Rooster vinegar cruet. Wish I could find the oil mate that goes with it.

This box was also my Grandmothers. It was originally used for writing cards. She used it for her Rosary beads. I use it for my ECB's at CVS.

A beautiful Violet from our yard. It's the RI state flower but truly a weed. However, last year I sugared some of the flowers and used them to decorate a cake. They were delicious.

Marigold and sunflower seeds that our homeschool group planted.

This cutie was visiting our pond this morning. No doubt getting ready to lay some eggs if she hasn't already.

The backside of my garden. We have high fences all around it because the deer would eat everything.

Inside my garden. We still have to finish the wood around the raised beds. So much to do. The blue barrels are made from recycled plastic and collect water for my garden. We have well water so every little bit I can save helps.

The spinach, lettuce and broccoli are planted. Everything is so dry. Thankfully it's raining today.
The lilac buds are starting to swell.

Presents from my chickens today. Yes, my coop is very clean. Chicken coops should never smell. a simple raking of the bedding each day and the smell is diminished. We clean out the whole coop twice or even three times a year and use the waste in the garden for fertilizer. Clean coops make healthy chickens and healthy chickens make amazing eggs!

I'm amazed at how life goes on around us when seemingly, we are doing nothing. It is life here lately, a comfortable way with homeschooling our kids, raising animals, connecting with other homeschoolers, bartering for services and just enjoying the land and nature around us.

I feel a need to go buy a "Life is Good" T-shirt.


Kate in NJ said...

I really enjoyed seeing your well loved Mom used to collect pitcher and bowl sets
when she was alive. I wish I had one of them now.
Lovely salt dip.

Melissa R said...

Your treasures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.