Monday, May 18, 2009

Living the Homeschool Good Life

Dear Husband stayed home from work today. He was off last week after having his second cochlear implant placed and today was feeling very dizzy as the vertigo set in. I hope he feels better but I have to say, I'm one of the few women who likes when her husband stays home.

Here is my cutie patootie, Tae, working on his calendar. I'm amazed how quickly he catches on. He filled in all the dates, we discussed the days of the week and sounded out "May", talked about how all the words ended in the word "day" and then he placed a cloud on today for the weather forecast. This child will grow up to be a weather man.

Hamster wheels turning here. Tae finished his wall calender and remembered that he had a similar calender on his computer game. He had a blast.

Isn't this cool? If he clicks on each word at the bottom of the screen, it reads the words for him. It's really helped him in his word recognition. Well that, and the 3 gazillion books we read to him.

I took a little break this morning and went outside. The Orioles have been so loud. Usually they make a nest in our Weeping Willow Tree. Last year we were blessed to have several nests in our yard. The offspring from years past just built this nest in our Maple Tree right next to our pool. It's so amazing to watch them weave these baskets that can withstand the toughest rain and wind. Last year, after nesting season, we found one on the ground and the kids were enthralled with the weaving ability of these birds.

Now back to homeschool.
Larry helped Patrick with his graphing today. No better place to do math on a damp, rainy day except curled up on your bed-don't cha think?

Stewie our Yellow Lab came to make sure Patrick was doing his math. I think he was looking for a warm lap to snuggle with.

Larry has a lot of patience with Patrick. It was great to have homeschool help today.

I was able to spend some really good one on one time with Morgan and we worked on long division again. This time we used the dry erase board and things went so much quicker.

Morgan says that she doesn't like Math but it comes fairly easy to her.

She's still smiling.....that's a good start.

This is Stewie, my husband's hearing dog. Larry's head was screaming and it exhausts him so he took a nap. Faithful Stewie is never far from his side always ready to alert Larry to a sound. He is rewarded with lots of love and a nap on our bed. It is holy work that this dog does.

But then of course, dogs must be dogs. Here Stewie is teaching Morgan and Tae the fine art of scratching an itch on your back.


Kate in NJ said...

Looks like a great homeschool day to me..hope DH is feeling better.
I like mine home in the middle of the week, but on Monday ..I like him to go back to

homeschool mamma said...

It was a great day.

Blank said...

Maybe I'm too late for this but working with long division worksheets helped me to memorize the procedure.