Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Road Be Gone

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of heavy machinery...at 6 am.
A short time later our main road was being dug up by a huge "cheese slicing machine." That's the only way to describe it. This massive machine rode slowly along and lifted all the asphalt and ground it up. It was so incredibly loud but made short work of it.
Our road suffered a lot of damage during the flooding a few months back and even at the end of our driveway we had a fairly large sinkhole and the rest of the road had gulleys and huge washed out areas that made it dangerous.

The road disappeared in no time at all.

It was kind of nice to have a dirt road.
It's seemed more country and less citified.
But the dust was horrible.
My whole house is covered in dust that is covering
the coating of pollen.

Countrified dirt road.

Soon to be citified.
They are still working on laying the new road.
The cars are so quiet going by now.
But I think it may become a raceway.
I wonder if I can bribe the guys with brownies
and have them put in speed-bumps.

Isn't this cool?
I was playing with my macro lens again.
It's the center of my Clematis.
Clem'-a-tis, Cle-mat'-is, I never know which way to pronounce it.
We opened the pool tool and the kids have been swimming.

I picked this delicious Rainbow Swiss Chard from my garden.
Sauteed in some olive oil and garlic with a splash of lemon.
Happy Summer!


Melissa R said...

I always say Clem-a-tis and I don't think anyone has corrected me. I am going to look for one of those sites that have the pronunciation key and see what it says.

Melissa R said...

Bev, I found this:
It's that first way that I say it.

Then I found this:
Just so you know you aren't alone!