Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Farmer's Market

We took a trip to the farmer's market today that was held at Casey Farm.
You can read about them here:
There is not much produce yet but I always manage to find some good things to bring home.

Tae loved these 5 week old baby goats.
The owner was so nice and let him hold the goat.
I wanted to bring a goat home but Larry said no.

Look at that smile!

The other twin was just as cute.
Larry wouldn't let me bring that one home either.

Tae wanted to know what we were going to buy.

There was still lots to choose from.

We love Seven Stars Bakery.
Their Foccaccia bread is phenomenal.
We bought a French Baguette and Sour Dough bread too.

Lunch was wood fired pizza.

Look at this setup.
This big oven attached to the back of his pickup truck and was pulled behind it. We ordered a fresh mozzarella pizza and split it among the three of us.
Larry and Tae pick out the toppings.

There was folk singing and banjo playing too.

They made the babies dance on the grass.

Tae got a grape soda.
He kept calling it beer.
Shouted it in fact.

I have a love of Arugula.
A serious love.
I ate part of the bag before we even got home.
I must have an Arugula deficiency.
I made Bruchetta for dinner tonight with some fresh tomatoes, arugula and the delicious goat cheese from a local farm.
I love goat cheese too.
And we bought some blue cheese as well.
And some Bok Choy and fresh mussels that I cooked in garlic butter tonight.
The French Baguette was fabulous.

Oh and I tried an Iced Chai.
Loved that too.
Tae kept stealing sips.
And drank most of it.

The husband has to have the Maple Syrup.
It's so expensive but so good.
We also bought some whole chickens that are pastured.
We don't buy chicken or meat anymore from grocery stores.
It's more expensive but we don't want the antibiotics and hormones and terrible diets that the animals are fed in our own food. It's worth the extra money to us.
They have the most awesome views at the farm.

They so farm tours but we didn't have time today. Maybe our homeschool group will arrange a tour. I did peak into the house. I could live there. I love farm houses.
I want a farm for the goats my husband won't let me have.

I love weather vanes too and the cupolas they are perched on.
We have many more farmer's markets in Rhode Island.
I'm hoping I won't need to buy the produce though as our garden is chock full of delicious things.
We've been picking and eating lettuce for several weeks and the kids are going to help pick the chard tomorrow and more lettuce.
What are you growing?

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