Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homeschool Lego Robotics

Morgan had her first class today in Lego Robotics. The kids had a blast and I was so impressed by the team and homeschool leaders. All of these kids were enthusiastic and
gave their full energy to the project.
Over the summer the kids will research and come up with some examples of “biomedical engineering” – which is the topic for the Fall Lego research project for 2010. The goal is just to get them familiarized with the topic and excited about what is can be used for… and eventually, for the Fall Lego League season using their own idea for the future. The RI FLL will be having an event in October to allow the children to meet folks in the BioMedical field. If they are familiar with the topic beforehand, excited about examples… it will fuel their excitement and understanding of folks they meet at the event. This is a very exciting project!

The kids started out by introducing themselves and exploring the Official Lego table.

It was amazing to watch them figure out all the different parts.

While the bigger kids were making robots,
the little ones played downstairs with.....legos.
Lots and lots of legos.

The team was divided into two groups and each had a robot that they had to put together following the directions provided and working as a team.

The kids worked on team building skills.

It led to a lot of laughter.

Then the two teams got to work following directions and learning all the parts of robots like wheels, geers and cogs....or something like that.

Sometimes they were confused.

They even went on the Lego Robotics team website to program their Robot.

Team one built this beauty today.

The directions aren't always easy to follow.

Team two built this magnificent robot today.

Their directions weren't much easier.

Cool, isn't it?

Ultra Cool.
I was so impressed with this program and we look forward to next weeks class. The kids need to decide on a team name and each week a different child presents something on Biomedical Engineering. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.
Happy Robot Building!

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