Sunday, June 13, 2010

Annual Homeschoolers Picnic

Saturday we had our annual homeschoolers picnic.
The weather was kind of overcast and we had a few drops of rain but the downpours didn't start until right after the picnic was over.

We had about 1oo people show up-a bit smaller than last year but still a great time.
Unfortunately, I was busy with picnic planning and forgot to charge my camera
battery so I only got a few pictures before it died.
We'll be posting a lot more soon on our website.
I'll let you know when that happens.
There was this big old rotten tree there. I think every child at the picnic climbed inside the tree. It was still blooming with green leaves so obviously had some life left to it.

Melissa did the create anything you want table and I think cleaned out her craft cabinet. There was tons of stuff to craft with.

Beads and seaglass and paper and magnets...oh my!

Lots of things for creative minds.
The kids made duct tape wallets, had a bubble gum blowing contest, made huge bubble play, hand sack games, face painting, henna art and we gave away a great raffle basket.
AJ won our bumper sticker contest and got some cool prizes.
Our new ENRICH t-shirts look fabulous too.
Even Linda our Treasurer had a turn in the tree.

Morgan was able to squeeze right in the tree so no one could see her. We counted 7 kids that could fit inside the tree.
It was great to meet the new families that attended and gave us time to reconnect with other homeschoolers that we might not be able to see a lot of during the year.
The best part of homeschooling is the connections and the wonderful families that help make our group what it is. There are so many helping hands willing to share stories and reach out to other homeschoolers in the state. It's an amazing time for homeschoolers.
Do you belong to a homeschool group and why do you love/or not love it?

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