Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Book

I bought a new book yesterday.
It's on homesteading.
I want our family to become more self sufficient.
The photographs are amazing and I want to do everything in this book.

Like raise cute little goats that graze on buttercups.

And make my own Ketchup.

Then I can milk the goat and make cheese.

It's given me some new ideas for the chicken coops.

I would love to make some pottery...okay not really but aren't these nice.

I'm already making soap.
Mine doesn't look this pretty but it gets us clean.

I really want someone to teach me to knit or crochet.

It has a great section on well being and herbal remedies.
I may try some of those.
Health is a state of complete harmony...
I know this because the book says so.
Tea with mint would put me in harmony...with myself.

I could live on a commune.
Women working together, sharing childcare... and vegetable gardens.
Yup-could totally do it.
Or I could just go to the beach and stack rocks
for a Zen moment.

Or light somecandles with pretty towels and
heated stones.
Yup-could totally do it.

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