Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dogs, Dirt and Boys

We have a huge dirt pile next to our pool.
We should have moved it 2 years ago
when the pool was put in but time gets away from you.
Tae liked this huge dirt mound for his trucks and shovels.
The dogs like this dirt mound for digging.
It keeps them from digging up the whole yard.
It's an eyesore.
But my needs aren't important right now.

Harley and Stewie love this dirt mound.
Stewie never returns the color he started with.
He's always ready for a game of "drop the scummy tennis ball in the hole."
I think it's like doggie golf.
Hole in one kinda thing.
But with a tennis ball.
That's covered in mud.
Harley is licking the mud off of his lips.
What you can't see is the kiddie pool we have set up for the dogs.
Actually it's just for Stewie.
Because Harley can't swim.
No really-he can't.
He's half English bulldog and half Dachshund.
Their body build doesn't allow them to swim.
He does know how to sink really good though.
See? Ridiculous body on Harley.
Stewie is lean and svelt. Harley is not. Never will be.
He runs 5 miles a day with Larry. Sometimes 7.
Then Stewie wants to play with the tennis ball while my
husband is plastered on the deck wheezing.
Not svelt.... Svelt and muscular.

Short dog keeps on keepin' on though.
His height disadvantage allows him to duck under tables and steal the ball away
from Stewie and then remain unseen.

No, Stewie is not biting Harley's butt.
Although he has.
But Harley bites Stewie's ankles too.
So I think they are even.

See the muscles on this dog?
Who knew that this is my husband's Hearing Dog?
He goes to work with him Monday thru Friday
from 9-5 and is truly the best service dog ever.
Except when he plays hole in one again.
Maybe he needs more golf time.
If Harley goes in after this ball he will surely disappear.

All that mud upsets the stomach so a little snack
of grass is always welcome.
Too bad Harley just peed there.
Dogs don't care.

Soon the dogs were bored.
The boy child wasn't and helped them dig the hole deeper.

Stewie much appreciated this.
I haven't seen Harley since.

'Course I wasn't really looking for him either.
I had coffee in the pool and an early morning swim.
Happy Summer!

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