Friday, February 5, 2010


Our Homeschool group met yesterday and Linda brought her Chihauhua puppy named Kaiser to play with our new pup Harley. The kids loved having the pups there.

The boys get the introductory kisses over with quickly.

But then Kaiser lost Harley.

And then some doggie greeting started.

Butt sniffing is normal for dogs people.
It's like the human handshake.

And then there was some football player butt slapping.

Which sent Kaiser into a rug face plant because
he's so small and Harley has catcher's mitts for paws.

And Gideon held Kaiser.

And the kids mauled I mean played and held with the puppies.

But alas, after the excitement was over it was naptime.

And Harley thought about speaking to the
crazy paparazzi camera crew.......

But decided to perfect his craft of napping instead. the nth degree.

And snored.......loudly.
And made a cameo appearance on my office chair
but only to briefly......before he needed a nap.

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hiking-rhode-island said...

He's funny -- not many dogs like to lay on their back like that, so cute