Friday, February 12, 2010

Homemade Puppy Bowl

The kids have been busy with schoolwork but I kept forgetting to charge my camera battery so you are all stuck with looking at pictures of our adorable puppy Harley.
These were from Super Bowl Sunday.
Anyone watch the puppy bowl?

Harley waking up from his nap.

It led to some wrestling time with Stewie our yellow lab. Harley is much smaller but doesn't care and tackles Stewie any chance he gets.

And bites his ears when he wants the ball.
Pesky little brother.

Stewie accomodates him with a play bow.

Stewie gives up way too easily.
Little Brother wins!

Well almost wins.
Stewie comes to check out the situation.
Harley rolls over and gives kisses.
The ball rolls down the stairs and no one notices.
Both dogs start to tire.

Harley decides to take a nap.
We didn't cover him. I think the Dachshund in him makes him burrow.
He loves to be under blankets.
Can dogs take catnaps?

Hmmm but the fringe is just too tempting for this baby.

Harley in his shawl.
He makes me laugh.

He can't make up his mind if he wants to sleep or play.

His eyes get so heavy.

The blanket is so much fun though.

The fringe is enticing!

If he hides, no one can see him. So he thinks.

Oh but a nap calls.
Don't you love his wrinkles?

The kids call him accordian puppy and squish his
wrinkles back and an accordian.
His huge paws delight me along with this-
"I didn't do it look."

Such sweetness and light.

He keeps my feet warm when we nap on the couch.
Nothing like a puppy to keep you warm.

Or to give you puppy breath kisses.

Or someone to share your cookies with.

The naps never last.
The toy chicken was whispering subliminal messages to him.
Can I have a cookie?

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