Saturday, February 20, 2010

Turning Six

Where does the time go when you realize that your baby is turning six years old? He seems so grown up now. He has thinned out, and I see the change from toddler to big kid. He is starting to show interest in his own things. He wants to play soccer. He loves music. He can work a computer better than me and beats Daddy at skateboarding on X-box.

Making wishes is very important.
He doesn't know it but I secretly wished he'd stay this way forever.
Much thought went into this wish.
And mommy has been busy and forgot candles.
So we used a candle from the church Christmas pageant.
It was a big candle. I think it still counts.
Bigger candles give bigger wishes.
Quite the look of satifaction after blowing out the candle.
He would not tell me his wish.

Presents are always fun.
We made him wait a really long time to open them.
That is still hard to do when you are newly six.

Matchbox car holder for a six year old.
Yes-72 cars it can hold.
We don't have that many.
Now you know what to buy him.

Lot's of slots for lots of cars.
A 6 year old's dream gift.

And racetrack's.
Matchbox cars are no good without racetracks.

Twenty matchbox cars to go in the case.
I think his daddy had more fun looking at them.

Uno cards.
Who doesn't love Uno?
Soon he'll lose his first tooth and start soccer and be in first grade.
Soon he'll be in highschool and have a girlfriend.
Soon he'll be in college and looking for a career.
Soon he'll get married.
Soon....Mommy is going to need another box of tissues.

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Melissa R said...

Time passes much too quickly. I keep trying to stop it but it continues on. I hold my 7 year old every chance I get (which is often!) and so far I am still the love of his life so he holds me very tightly too.
Happy birthday to your little man!