Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Take a Nap

We can learn a lot from our how to take a nap.
It appears to be a very fine art.
I have a lot to learn.

Finding a comfortable spot is important.
You must choose the middle of the couch to facilitate repositioning.
Repositioning is important to prevent muscle cramps
and maximum snoring power.

Snoring tends to be worse when one is
sleeping on their back.

Please remember the fig leaf next time.

Should you fall off the couch, looking sad
and pathetic ensures your return place
on the couch.
A nice comfy blanket makes for a delightful snooze.
It is important to get the blanket in just the right position.
Looking adorably cute, knowing you are not supposed to
have the blanket is a big help because everyone just sits there
and says, "AWWWWW!"
Wrapping yourself in the blanket makes it
harder for your owners to see you.

Ignoring their pleas to stop using the
blanket are the best plan. Afterall,
napping is a life goal.
Wrinkles and a squishy face makes your master
speak in high pitched baby talk voice
and give you kisses....
and guarantees a prime spot on the couch.
Just sayin'.

Napping is indeed a fine art.

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