Sunday, January 31, 2010

The New Addition

I could have blogged about the very exciting letter Ee
this week but we
had much more important things going on here.
Meet our new puppy Harley.
Harley was named after his Mom.

And has made himself at home.
Oh and we don't allow dogs on the furniture.


I guess this is technically a lap and not furniture.

And he's a great kisser.

And is teething at his very cute 13 weeks of age.

And is stylin' in his preppy puppy gear.

And likes to eat.

But mostly snuggle and nap.

And give kisses.
I think I mentioned that.

And he has these paws that are like mitts.
Must take after his English Bulldog mom.
And dappled ears after his Dachshund Dad.
I think I am in love.

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