Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Glimpse into our Homeschool Week

Homeschool doesn't always happen in the fashion I have planned out.
Sometimes it's much better.
Tae worked on this paper quilt for the letter Qq this week.

He has great cutting skills.

Then he decided if he made a bunch more of these that he could combine them and put them all together for a huge piece of artwork.

Here is some of the weekly work. Tae's math is up on the wall. Then I realized after talking to my kids that the two youngest had no idea how to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The Horrors!
So we made a poster and the kids learned it lickety split.
Sort of.
My file folders and organization have gone to the wayside.

The teen eighth grader worked on Literature on the computer.

Our classroom space (also known as my office) is chock full of times tables, alphabet charts, number lines, metric posters, word wall words and tidbits of our days.

This wall behind my desk is my space. I have some bible quotes, Buddhist quotes, Presidential quotes, inspiring words, some songs and hymns, a prayer flag, my mala beads, a decorated chicken egg, needlepointed cross bookmark and the shelf holds paper clips, pencils and supplies to help us through our day. A mish mash of all things important to me.

Our dry erase board is full of shape and letter magnets, family photos, some of my photography and occasionally we can squeeze in some math work.

Harley has his own bed and is usually in a down stay while
we complete our lesson for the day.

Usually much snoring ensues and we have to wake him to tell him to cut the racket because no one can concentrate with all the noise.

And he had quite the tantrum because I had to take his favorite snake toy away because he chewed a big hole in it and was eating the stuffing.

Our friends from Connecticut came to visit us this weekend. The girls wanted to make Morgan's melt and pour soap kit. It was a disaster.

The soap got all chunky and gross and the directions
weren't clear at all.

But it did smell fabulous with the lemon and lime scent.

The soap was supposed to look like lemon or lime slices.
Here I am cutting the colored portion.
They looked like gummy candy.
See? These were pretty.

Rachael and Morgan hadn't seen each other in a very long time.
They really missed each other.

These did not look like the package they came in.
Soap fail!
Our friend Stacey gave Tae a Home Depot work apron for his birthday. So of course he had to wear it to Home Depot this weekend when he went with his Dad to pick out paint.
They thought he was so cute in his apron they gave Tae a birdhouse rain gauge kit.
He was so thrilled.
Excuse the wet hair. This was after the bedtime bath routine.
This kid can swing a hammer.

Almost done!

He loves working with Daddy.

Chubby hands hard at work.

So cute! Now for the painting.

Ending the day with a puppy nap is always good.

Because puppy's don't much care whose lap it is.

Because tiredness just creeps upon them.

Any lap will do.

Until the next homeschool activity starts.

What was your homeschool week like?

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