Friday, October 2, 2009

How To Tell If You Are Beyond Busy

I am down to posting once a week. Why? Because life is crazy. I'm co-chairing a Capital Campaign at our church to help fund a new Parish house, launching a new homeschool group, home schooling the kids and trying to keep up with life in between. So it is with great humility and embarrassment that I give you a tour of my house, as it looks today.

Let's start in the Living Room. This is my sewing shoved in the corner. I'm not even sure what is in here because I haven't had time to pick it up in months. The snotty tissue is just an added bonus to the overall ambience of the room.

Oh yes, then there is the laundry. This is last weeks laundry. This weeks laundry is still sitting in the hamper. I am hoping the elves will take care of this for me.

Our coffee table. Not so bad-it's certainly been a lot worse.
I can still see table under the crap so technically this area is clean.

Here is Patrick's Hermit Crab cage.
I think it is still alive. It doesn't smell like rotten fish so I guess it's ok.

The ironing center for the laundry that never got folded.
I just leave the iron and board on the counter hoping the clothes will iron themselves.

And what kitchen is complete without the pile of dog pooed shoes by the door.
I think the shin guards from soccer practice add an especially nice touch.
Oh and don't miss the wilting, dying plant in the corner.
Today I let the kids do some painting. This is our kitchen table.
Yes, it is possible to still eat lunch on this table.
See the other end? We can easily cram 4 people there.
Then there is the kitchen counter.
I made homemade baked beans in the crock pot today. Notice the brown sugar next to
the paint brushes and empty butter dish and cukes for tonight's dinner.
June Cleaver ain't got nothing on me.
The kitchen sink is always a joy. Here are my empty bean cans
dumped in a filthy sink. The blue paint splotches make it appropriately "artsy", don't you think?
This area is between my stove and sink. A half drunk glass of iced tea, soap, some dried basil leaves that I pulled apart this morning because they were crumbling all over my kitchen, the can opener still left out from this morning and a dirty towel.

And my favorite area-the "island". My gourds that I had great plans to continue to paint and sell at the church craft fair. Not happening. I have 15 moldy gourds that need to be sanded and painted. The big box is a new blueberry bush that I ordered. It's still in the box and will probably have to stay there until spring at which time I will be planting twigs. My pocket book lives on the counter. And notice Dixie the Cat. Who we don't allow on counter tops.
At least she is covering the pile of papers that I need to go through.

There, now don't you all feel better that your house does not look like mine?
Anything to appease the fans and masses!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bev. I so needed that.

Amy Brock said...

I am happy because my house does like like yours! Maybe a little worse.....but comparable!

Saille said...

You forgot the hair from three haircuts still sitting in the dustpan b/c you plan to take it out to the garden to deter pests from bothering the brussels sprouts. And the lunch dh never cleared off the table on the back porch. And the pile of books and clean laundry on your bedroom floor. No, wait...that's my house. And my security word was splog, which sounds just like I feel.

Lisa said...

Oh Bev, Oh Bev, You call that a mess? I wish my house was so clean. :)

Sara said...

Thanks for keeping it real! yes - if we get busy the house has to wait!

Jess said...

Yeah Bev! I love the humor and the house. Thank god someone else has a house that looks like mine....we also have the hair from a recent haircut...but add to that some sawdust from our wood masks. Oh well the house will be clean when the kids grow up...but not if I have grandkids :)