Sunday, October 18, 2009

Farm Field Trip

This past week our homeschool group took a trip to Pezza Farm.
The kids had a wonderful time.
We loved the little goats. This one seems to be smiling in the sun.

At one point our farm tour guide asked us to line up. None of the kids knew how to line up. We were laughing so hard. All the public school kids were lined up two by two and holding hands. Our homeschooled kids finally made a line. A horizontal line that stretched in front of our guide.

Angry calf.

The kids were able to feed the cows in the field. The cows came right up to the hayride and stuck out their tongues for some snacks.

Went cow cute.

Feed me.


More cows. Hey, I'm a farm girl at heart what can I say?

Picking out a pumpkin at the patch.

The gorgeous flowers in the field.

Tae stuffing his face with popcorn.

The entire homeschool group crammed on the hayride.

Picking out larger pumpkins.

Gorgeous ornamental Kale.

Sweetness and light playing in the hay.

Lots of fun playing in the hay.

More goats. Did I mention I want goats?

Ooooh and sheep. Look how cute. Ears like felt.

Yes, more goats.

There we all are.
We love our homeschool group.
Come visit us!

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