Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Picking

We went apple picking today in the northern part of Rhode Island
at a place called Jaswell's farm.

The kids had a blast and this is our second year coming here.
I think we have found a new Columbus Day weekend family tradition.
Patrick adored the warty gourds.
Gosh he looks old to me in this picture.

Morgan favored the tri-colored corn.

And of course we must put rabbit ears behind the scarecrow.

Look! It's my third child who doesn't like to be photographed.

Zach and Tae had a great time climbing trees.

Morgan and her best friend Gab scaled a tree and got all the apples at the top.

Tree Climber.

Apple Binoculars.

The 13 year old who is now taller than me.

And the five year old who climbed way over my head
while I had chest pain.

Zach and Patrick in the forest of trees.

The apples were very ripe and there were tons laying on the ground.
You pick one apple and a barage of them fell on your head.

Of course, we ate a few while there. They were so juicy and crisp.


Extra Yummy!

My neighbor Mary lent me this apple peeler/corer. It worked really well considering we picked just over 70 pounds of apples! I really need to buy one of these.

See what a beautiful job peeling, coring and spiral cutting the apples?
It saved me so much time.

Todays bounty.
10 quarts plus 4 pints of applesauce and 2 pints of apple butter.
I still have about 40 pounds of apples left to take care of this week.
And of course how could we forget the apple pie?
It has a brown sugar crust.
My whole house smells fabulous but I'm exhausted.
Dinner tomorrow fritters!

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