Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Week in Homeschool

We've had a very busy week. I didn't get to post the letters Aa or Bb that we completed.
I'll do that another time.

Tae was completely thrilled when he finished his Kindergarten Math Readiness Book. I'm amazed at how easy math comes to him. He's already adding and subtracting.
And at the end of the book it had a really cool certificate of completion.

Stewie, my husband's totally fabulous Hearing Dog lounges in the hallway.

Morgan did her McGraw-Hill Science on the couch.

Here is Tae doing some adding and subtracting.
He learned so much just by using counting bears.

We carved some pumpkins this week.
Patrick's is a little macabre with the knife sticking out of it.

He hated scooping the seeds out.
The insides of the pumpkin made him gag.

Morgan dove right in.

Tae made rude comments about the "guts" as he calls them.

Our homeschool group met this week and painted some watercolor leaves to honor the beautiful Autumn season.

Shane made some beautiful leaves.

The kids had their own ideas of what the leaves should look like.

We sprayed the leaves with water to help the color wick through the paper.
The kids loved using the spray bottle.

Even the moms made some colorful creations.
It was a great week!

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