Friday, September 25, 2009

The Letter Nn

This week we covered the letter Nn.

Tae wanted me to take a picture of this.
He wrote the word new and drew a picture of a new carrot. Okay then.

We read No Jumping on the Bed, N.O. Spells No!, The Noisy Book and My New Boy.

Tae worked on his letter Nn templates.
Nn is for Noodles.

First he started to make patterns with the noodles but it was taking too long.

Then he just kind of squished the noodles together.
But Silly me, I used the curly elbow noodles so they didn't lay flat on the paper.

So we had to add LOTS of glue to make them stick.
Tae loved that.

He was able to read most of his word wall words this week.

And he colored this very cute Nest and hatching eggs.

And he did some worksheets and read some books with Nn words in them.
He is doing so well-I'm so proud of him.
The two older kids don't want to be photographed these days.
Patrick is coming along nicely so far with his math this year.
It's always been a struggle for him but I'm so pleased with his effort.
Wow! Four weeks of school are done already!
They year is flying by.
Next week the letter Pp.
See you then.

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