Friday, September 4, 2009

Shaving Cream Thursday

Yesterday our homeschool group met. It was wonderful to be outside and sit under the Willow Tree with the other moms and all of their kids. Sue brought shaving cream for the kids to play with. Yes, Shaving cream. They all had great fun and my whole yard smelled wonderful.
Thanks Sue.

I'm not sure what sweet Romy was checking out here but she loved the Graham crackers.

The shaving cream was very messy but cleans up really easily.

It was everywhere.

Sweet little Aya was sleepy.

Taj cleaned my whole table for me.

Kai and Keanu had tons of fun.

Mashing the shaving cream and making pies.

Maegan preferred the inchworm friends.

And some very messy girls tried to attack the moms with fluffy white hands.

Sculptures were crafted.

Tae slapped his hands together and then got shaving cream in his eye. He wasn't happy.

Maegan wrote a story and drew pictures in the shaving cream.

There was lots of laughter.

And much enjoyment.

And many, many smiles.

And the Willow Tree was even decorated.

Shane told me all about going to the Theater and watched the girls paint the tree.

Then there is Avery. Who makes us all laugh with her antics and free spirit.
She couldn't be bothered playing with shaving cream-but some pretend dog play captured her interest as she crawled over rocks and barked.

It kept her busy for quite a while.

And the more we laughed, the more she barked!
Good days with my homeschooling families.


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Thanks Cris -awesome. It's like tie dye paper!