Monday, September 21, 2009

Homeschool Shell Painting

I'm a blogger slacker. Honestly, life is so busy that I cannot get to my blog. Homeschooling three kids this year, starting a new homeschool group and volunteer work at church leaves me little time to blog. I'll get into the swing of things soon.
Our homeschool group met last Thursday and we had a fun art project.
We had an abundance of seashells from our trips to the beach and from some of our other homeschoolers. We broke out the paints and let the kids have at 'em.

Emily brought some very cool rocks to paint too.

Willow painted her shell all pink.

See? It matched her shirt....and her shoes.

The pink princess.

I'm a nurse. I'm pretty sure this a heart. Yes, definitely!

Gideon and Cammy painted away.

Shane's shell started out a nice shade of red.

Kiara painted a happy rainbow on her shell.

Gideon painted this. He brought in a clay sculpture of it and recreated it in paint.
I wish I could remember "it's" name.

Kiara finished painting her large shell and moved on to some little neck clam shells.
I washed and saved these from my birthday dinner.
When you homeschool, you tend to save everything for art projects.
Morgan painted some rocks and large shells.

Tae preferred stripes.

By the end of the day they had many shells, rocks and treasures painted.

Easy, awesome projects that were a lot of creative fun.

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