Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Weekends

Let me introduce our fabulous Yellow Lab...who's more white than yellow...with very cute freckles on his ears. This is Stewie, my husbands Hearing Dog. Hearing dogs are service dogs. When this incredible dog is not alerting my husband to sounds he likes to just be a lab. A lab with a tennis ball obsession. A little OCD in service dogs is good.

Stewie is the best dog ever. Really. Except for the OCD issue.

He is also the fittest dog you'll ever see. He runs about 15 miles a week with my husband. Why? Because Larry can't hear oncoming traffic. Stewie alerts him to those sounds. Look how trim and lean he is. Great muscles and strength. And this dog loves to run with Larry. But when the run is over, Larry is wheezing and Stewie.......runs to find his tennis ball and wants to play. OCD.

See the intent stare on the tennis ball? OCD.
He is also the same way about responding to sounds. Good dog.

We did manage to get in some homeschooling today. Yes, I know it's a holiday but my week is incredibly full and the husband was home today to help with school work. This is Morgan in her thinking cap. I'm not sure what the glasses were for. Nutty girl.

Tae worked on the letter Cc today. He wrote all of his word wall words that began with Cc and by the end was reading them by himself. I love when their little brains explode!

Letter Cc work.

A magic wand makes school work go much faster.

See? Brain exploding. Tae learned to do the Monkey Bars all by himself this week.
Then he managed to climb over the wall. Stewie chased a tennis ball.

More exploding brains. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels.
Big sister stood by to catch the wreckage.

She also made sure he didn't drive into the street.

After a hard day of exploding brains, Tae felt a need to wash my windows.
Thanks little man!

Looks like his moustache from yesterdays face painting needs some washing too.
Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.

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