Monday, July 5, 2010

The Weekend

It was time to regroup this weekend. I have been spending too much time on very spiritually draining things and not enough time on the important things.
I am thinking of dumping Face Book.
Social networking can be, well..... too social.
Yesterday and today we did not do much to celebrate the Fourth of July.
Larry took the kids to see the fireworks.
I stayed home and rested and caught up on some reading.
Stress definitely plays a factor in how I am feeling and with the Chronic Lyme disease-it's so important to take care of myself both physically and emotionally.
Larry reminded me of that several times this weekend.
So today, I unloaded some baggage in both my personal and professional life....
...or what used to be.
It was family night and we decided to play "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?"
I apparently, am not.

We did make it to the Million dollar question.
The husband said he would take me to the Caribbean if he got the answer right.
Yah-no trip this year.
Morgan and I played on one team against Larry.
She turns 11 years old this month.
I don't know where the time went.
Her beauty both inside and out shines through every day.
I am so proud of her.
I may have to pull out a baby picture of her and cry a bit.
Did I mention that this game can go on for a really long time?

And since when did "animal science" become a
specialized subject in Elementary school?

Think hard Larry.
You can answer the second grade Math question.
You can do it.

Tae played peek-a-boo.
He did pretty well answering the First Grade Questions.

Morgan gave Stewie a little dental checkup in between questions.
Harley made sure she was doing it right.

Tae used some stencilling to draw me the vacation spot in the Caribbean that I won't be going to since I didn't win the Million dollar question on the game, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" which apparently I am not.
But I think I mentioned that.

Larry started working on cleaning out around the pond.
The weeds are out of control but I haven't been able to get out there to do the work and help. I am so grateful for him. He does so much to help me now.
And he has awesome legs.
Weeds totally out of control. These are all violets but they are covering the mulch and making my zen garden look terrible. Peace, I need peace places.

After a few hours it started to look better.
Only the front part is done and the back still needs to be done.
I made a lemon blueberry trifle for dessert.

And a huge roast turkey.
It will last us all week and then I'll make some stock and freeze the rest.
I got some vanilla beans from my cousin and decided to make some homemade vanilla extract. I had lots of mint so I made some mint extract also. It will be ready in about 3 weeks.
Larry says my kitchen is beginning to look like a science experiment with all of the jars of "homemade brews and concoctions."
The Zucchini is coming in nicely.
I will grill these tomorrow with some balsamic dressing.
The garlic is just about ready to be harvested too.
This scrawny bulb got uprooted when I was pulling weeds.
No matter.
Good things come in small packages!
Happy Fourth of July!

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AFEWNaturalChanges said...

lemon blueberry triffle!!! oh my! I need the recipe, two of my favorite things in the world(besides chai!)