Friday, July 16, 2010

More Lego Robotics

The kids had another Lego Robotics class on Wednesday.
This week they worked on learning about the sensors in the robots and making them work.

The official Lego table is very cool.

The kids are learning to write out their steps before they program the robots.

Sometimes they had to change out parts to make the robot work the way that they wanted it to. It was really good for them to try out different parts and experiment with what was working and what wasn't.

Each time they tried the robot on the table to see how it worked then went back and made changes and reprogrammed it.

They all have different ideas on what will work and everyone gets to try. Teamwork is a key component in getting the robot to work and will be even more important
when competition time rolls around.

Pit stop.

Cool Table.

Future Aquabots programming their Robot.

A wheel change to see if a swivel or stationary works better.

Whizzing away!

Testing the sensors.

Parts for changing.

I'm glad the kids can figure this out.

Sharing ideas.

Another try.

Third wheel change trial.

Trying out a new bumper too.

Help and guidance from the teacher.

The kids shared their accomplishments and frustrations
about the robot at the end of the session.

Tracy shows them some other ideas they might want to try.

Kent trying out the other robot.
This one had a stationary wheel and flatter bumper.

There are lots of smiles and laughter.
I'm so proud of these kids.
Can't wait to see how the Aquabots do in competition.

Go Team!

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