Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Cooking

Love, love, love this recipe.
I picked some Swiss Chard from the garden and wilted it slightly.
Stuck in a big honkin' piece of mozzarella cheese.
Added salt and pepper and olive oil to the outside.
And grilled them.

Nice little packets.
Post grilling.
Lord have mercy!
I added a little more olive oil and salt and just ate them.
Okay, I ate all of them.
Simple and delicious!
We had more cucumbers from the garden so I made dill pickles.

Yes, Dill pickles.
I want to learn to make sour pickles but I don't know the difference.
Someone help me.

I made Garden Zucchinni bread which is more like a garden and less like Zucchini. It had tomatoes, onions and cheese in it. I'm used to a sweet Zucchini bread and not savory so this threw me a bit. It was delicious with the big bowl of Turkey chili I made tonight. The bread didn't rise well so I think I need new Baking Powder. Or Baking Soda. Or new flour.

I braided all my garlic so it could finish drying.
Warning: don't let the children read this next part.
My husband called this sculpture: "all my past lovers."
He said we couldn't display this in our house.

I made this delicious Spanokopita too.
I'm not a fan of working with Phyllo dough thank you very much.

The kids ate the entire pan full of Spanokopita.
I like saying that word.
Spinach, Ricotta and Feta.
What has your garden brought to your dinner table?

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Earthboys said...

Some very interesting recipes. I love Greek food. Looks like your children are having a fun time.