Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newport Ghost Tour

Our homeschool group took a trip to Newport on their Haunted Ghost Tour.
Patrick and Morgan went with their Dad.
I had some tired kids this morning.

The tour guide.
We captured this cool aura around Morgan.

The crowd of homeschoolers.
More like a bunch than crowd.

They explored dark alleyways.

At this gravestone, Larry's camera battery died....oooh spooky.

Nothing here but there are reports of a ghost that likes to hide by the garden.

One of the haunted houses that has reported ghost children running up and down the steps.

Larry loved these doors.

My teenager stayed as far away from the adults as possible.

Two creepy gravestones.
These are not orbs but rain drops.

Now that's an epitaph.

More rain....and the customary cemetary cat.

I wonder what Patrick was telling him?

And a doppleganger kitty.

Lots of rain.
Although I do believe I see a smiley face in one of those drops.

Yup-no ghost sightings so far.

Interesting grave stones though.
Skull and Crossbones.

Poor unfortunate William Junior.

They did pick up this light rod to the left of the picture.
The kids have been asking to go see Mercy Brown's grave.
I think we will take a field trip there as well.
Interesting stuff in Rhode Island.

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Melissa R said...

If you do visit Mercy Brown, there is one, maybe two, letterboxes there. Or at least there used to be.