Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teens and Tweens and St. Patty's Day

Our Homeschool group got together today. We were so happy to be outside for the first time this Spring. The kids have always played outside all winter long but the Mom's were certainly happy to soak up some sun and watch the kids play.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day a day late but the kids didn't mind.
There were Shamrocks everywhere.
Little Girls and baby dolls soaking up the sun.

The yummy green cupcakes were a huge hit.

Jigglers! Gone in a flash.

We did some potato stamping today with the little ones.

Who doesn't love paint?

Joni carved the potatoes for us today.
She's an amazing Henna artist too.

The kids (all 30 of them) had race after race
in the driveway. They had so much energy.
I didn't race.
I sat and took pictures.
No one really cared who won the race.
The mom's were happy that there were some tired kids.
Fresh air, sunshine and kids exercising make for
well sleeping children at night.
The dolls stopped at the salon for some coiffing.

Some dolls needed more work than others.

After the group left (sort of) 6 teens and tweens stayed behind to play somemore.
The kids all made their own pizza for dinner.
We had olive, pepper, cheese and scallions for toppings.
And the girls even made a pizza for me.
No one ate salad.
Geez my kitchen is trashed.
6 kids=a tornado when eating.
The food was gone in 5 seconds flat.
They were a blast to have over.


Then my dorky teen took a nap with the puppy.
Not really.
The end.

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