Monday, March 29, 2010

Please Send the Ark

Well, let's start with the good stuff. My Easter Egger named Chipmunk, who is a chicken but thinks she is a dog, started laying again. She layed me this beautiful double yolker blue egg. See how huge it is compared to the other normal size egg?

The chickens stayed high and dry today. Literally.
We have terrible rain and flooding in Rhode Island.
The chickens stayed inside today-
high on the roost.
They are not as dumb as they look.

Flooding by the shed.
My favorite chair under water.

But the chickens stayed dry!

This is the highest point in the yard.

Looking back toward the house.

More flooding.

This is the "dry" river bed.
All of our mulch floated away today.
And the dry river bed is under water.
Blurry pictures.
Hard to take pictures in downpours, in the dark, with a hood over your head, holding an umbrella, in the dark, with downpours.
This is the white water rapids on our street.
The end of our driveway.
If we had an inner tube we would go white water rafting.

The other end of the dry river bed.

The view off my deck.

Part of my garden.

The side yard and pool area.
The pool is under water.
Look behind the fence area.
The dogs have no where to pee.
The pond that was leaking is very much full.
The fish are now swimming in the back yard.
Look at the area behind the fence.
Backyard all under water only half hour later.

The view off the side deck.
The entire sidewalk is under water.
Remind me never, ever, ever to buy a raised ranch ever, ever again.
Donations of personal floatation devices gladly accepted.
Stay warm and dry.

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Sara said...

Oh goodness! The chickens have the right idea - stay high and dry if you can!