Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pointillism Art Lesson

Today our homeschool group got together and we learned about George Seurat.
I saw a very cute art project for the kids using Q-tips.
George Seurat painted all of his pictures in tiny dots.
The idea was that the kids would recreate some artwork in tiny dots.
That was the idea. It was only an idea.
The kids had different ideas.

Like this artwork by Seurat. Aren't they beautiful?

Seurat used a technique called pointillism.
Pointillism=painting pictures with tiny dots.

Okay, well I tried to teach the kids about pointillism. Most of them did their own painting technique and we didn't have Q-tips so we used the eraser end of a number 2 pencil.
The kids were very confused by this and most of them used the eraser to paint their picture.
Some of them asked for paintbrushes.
The nerve! Painting with paintbrushes. Who ever heard of such a thing.
Yup-successful art lesson.
But they had fun and could really care less what technique we were using
as long as they could paint a picture.

To make life easier, I searched the internet and printed out coloring pages.
It would have been too much for the kids to sketch their picture in the short amount of time that we have together. And the little ones like the recognizable characters.

Blues Clues was a favorite.
Tae decided to use the eraser like a paint brush.

Morgan made some pretty dotted fall leaves.

Tempera paints.
Do you remember that smell of tempera paints from elementary school?
Paint and paste. That's the smell I remember.
And greenbeans from the cafeteria.
But I digress.
Pretty Tempera paints.

Clover painted a fairy and told me her name was Princess.

And there were butterflies too.

And fall leaves with caterpillars.

Blue got a makeover.
Rather becoming don't ya think?

Rainbow Blue.

And fairies of ........darkness?
Are those blood splatters around her?

And little girls in sparkly red dresses.
Is this sun angry? It makes me happy. It's intense.
Like a hot summer day.
And summer flowers blooming in my garden.
Is it summer yet?
But in the end they all looked gorgeous hanging on the wall.

Happy Creating!

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