Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland Fun

The weather here has been frigid. But why is it adults complain and the kids seem to have fun no matter what. We had a wonderful two weeks off for the holidays. The kids have been back to their homeschool schedule as usual. The Kindergartener is learning the letter Ff, the 8th grader is learning about human reproduction for science and is reading the Diaries of Anne Frank and the 5th grader is plugging along doing her thing.
The chickens are none too happy with this weather. Several of them had frostbite on their combs so we put a heat lamp in the coop on a timer. It is not warm in there by any means but does keep the chill off of them and we haven't seen anymore frostbite. The chicken farmers say you can put vaseline on their combs and wattles to prevent the frostbite but honestly, who wants to chase 12 chickens around a coop and slather them with grease? Not I.

This is Chipmunk or Chippy as we call her. She lays green eggs. Or she used to lay green eggs. She moulted and then laid only one more egg. Poor specimen of an Americana. I should cull her but she is the sweetest chicken. She's a dog-bird I think. She lays in your lap and talks to you everytime you enter the coop and follows you around looking for goodies. She is my favorite chicken even if she doesn't lay any more eggs.

The birds stayed inside for many days. We opened the coop hatch but they wanted nothing to do with going outside. Finally after about 3 days I enticed them out with some lettuce.
They ate and went right back inside. That's our Rooster Ruby by the fence.
Doesn't he have gorgeous feathers?
They all hovered by the hatch on the only piece of ground that was without snow.
The two Roos side by side keep watch over Licorice.
The boys are not very nice to the girls. They have plucked Licorices feathers out of the back of her head. She looks ridiculous and bald.
The kids had fun making snowforts.

They got these really cool snow block makers from Santa.
And when they got tired of making snow blocks they used some old milk crates.
The start of a snowman.
But the snow was too heavy and they couldn't stack them.

That's our Koi pond completely covered in snow. We put a tarp over a part of the chicken coop just to protect the chickens from the lousy weather.
It also makes for a less muddy, slippery coop .
Patrick did some sculpting. This guy is missing a toe.
Leather wearing, middle aged, mid-drift pinocchio?

Beer belly and missing toes.

And some lip injected botox problems.
Fonzie in his later years?
Buddy Cianci? (It's a Rhode Island joke)
Stay warm!

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Diane said...

Love when you post about the chickens....i have a dream to own some in the future.