Monday, January 11, 2010

The Letter Ww

Last week for Kindergarten we covered the letter Ww.

We started with the Zaner Bloser Kindergarten Phonics.

And found a cute Windmill craft here:

I knew we were saving all of those toilet paper rolls for a reason.

Tae wrote in his alphabet journal.
I let him write his own sentences and then correct it underneath.
He's doing so well.
I love the printable books from this site:
Awesome stuff there.
Tae can read this entire passage with the exception of two words.
We sound them out together.
He's doing great!
We also found this cool Wizard on the same dltk website.
More toilet paper rolls!

Our book selection this week was, This is the Way We Go to School, with discussion that followed later on how not everyone goes to public school or rides a bus. We also read, Hello Two Wheeler, Whatever the Weather, Wash Day and Wheels. Immersing Tae in reading has really helped him and my book system is working really well.
There is an older post here:
that explains the system I use.
We had tons of word wall words this week.
Who knew there were so many Ww words?
Most of these words were in his reading books so by the end of the week
he was able to read most of the words.
This is our letter of the week board. Some of the work we printed from Kidzone.
The letter Ww template and the What Begins with Ww? book came from DLTK.
Tae worked on his first grade math.
Math comes very easy to him.

This week we are learning about the letter Ss.
Stay warm in this winter weather!


K Tec Wheat Grinder said...

Wow, I LOVE the windmill project! We'll be trying something similar, lots of toilet tubes saved up...

Cassie and Jase said...

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