Monday, December 21, 2009

Making a Gingerbread House

Ahhh-Tis the Season for making Gingerbread houses. We attempted one a few years ago and the girl child was asking to make one this year. With no time to spare I ran right out to the craft store and bought the $8.00 prefabbed G-house with a 50% off coupon. A steal.
Isn't it gorgeous? The kids did a great job.

Okay so I gleaned this photo off the internet. Don't we all covet the gobs of icing and non-pareil sidewalks adorned with green licorice trees and holiday M & M's?
Oh and the kids made me post this video of Chowder and how
they built their Schmingerbread house.

Here was the kit I bought. Ooohh and 3 patterns to choose from and the kit included everything to make this glorious creation.
Everything except a degree in Engineering and General Contracting that is.

See premade Gingerbread walls, icing mix, candy. It's all there. I too would have icicles made of frosting dripping from the roof line in no time.

Wilton icing too.

We started construction. Ooops-icing is a bit runny-let me add some confectioner sugar. Oops-Icing is too thick (like clay)-let me add some water. OOOPS-icing is too thin-let me add some Confectioner sugar. OOPS..........

YEAH! Here's what our Gingerbread um...Cookies...yes that's it, looked like!
Cookies most definitely.
Good God-seriously. Whose bright idea was this. Oh right-My Daughters!

No matter, the kids used the icing and ate, I mean decorated with the candies. We threw in some candy canes and M & M's because that's how we roll here.

Mind you we did this at 10am so the kids were totally wired on sugar frosting and gumdrops.
Yay Christmas!

Artistic talent at it's best.

Ooooohhhh Ahhhhhhh-like the candy Christmas tree.

And the M & M wreath.

And this Picasso. What? You don't see it?
I would send this to Cake Wrecks ( if it was a cake.
But it's not.
It's Gingerbread Cookies!
Merry Christmas everyone.
May you find joy in each of your "fails".

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Sara said...

It's definitely the process and the experience, not the product, that counts when it comes to gingerbread houses.

Merry Christmas!