Saturday, December 19, 2009

Homeschool Christmas Party

Our homeschool group met on Thursday and had our annual Holiday Party. We had tons of food, eggnog and cider and of course chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. We had a great craft that we gleaned from
We made 8 pointed stars with the kids. Kate brought some beautiful scrapbooking 12 x 12 paper and the kids made really huge stars. So did the adults. I think we had as much fun as the kids.

The Christmas paper was really beautiful.

Stacey brought the smaller 6 x 6 cellophane paper which made some irridescent and translucent gorgeous stars in all colors.

The stars were very easy to make.

Even the younger kids had a great time.

Paper folding Christmas crafts on our halloween tablecloth.

Tissue and cellophane of all colors.

Pretty blue ones.

And red ones.

And tables full of busy crafters.

Even the 5 year olds could do this.
Even with a chocolate mouth.

And they all were beautiful in the window.

Just gorgeous!

The moms made some too.

Pretty stars all lined up.

Polka dots and stripes and snowflakes.

And swirly star galaxy patterns.

The teens hung out in the kitchen.

Joni put together some beautiful gift baskets for the young pregnant teens home. She collected donations from family and friends so that these young teen moms would have a Christmas at the shelter where they were staying. Some of these baskets would be the only gift that the teen moms would get this year.

A great creative Christmas celebration was had by all.
Merry Christmas!


AFEWNaturalChanges said...

We had the best time! Thanks Bev!

kitchenwitch said...

That was a fun day. Patrick made me a star and was SO proud of himself. He hates crafty things and has always eschewed craft time in our house.

Now its on the fridge :)

hiking-rhode-island said...

wow, those stars are just so very beautiful! can't wait until the grandchildren are big enough to do crafts like this with!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful stars!

The Magic Onions said...

Wow... your stars are stunning. Great idea to use such colorful paper... thanks for sharing.
Blessings and magic.

homeschool mamma said...

Thank you all. We had a great time with a lot of inspiration from The Magic Onions!