Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Day Christmas Threw Up

Tis the season to decorate and be jolly.
We put our tree up today.
Christmas is in full swing at our house.
I really should begin my shopping.

See-Naked Tree. The cats were very excited. Every year for some odd reason they like to drink the water from the tree. Yeah, yeah cat lovers-pine can kill them. They drink buckets of it. No dead cats yet. I'm pretty sure it's a tonic to them.

The cattle were kitties I mean.
Kitty in a manger. Eating the hay I just put down.

How long do you think my beautiful nativity set will last with danger kitty trying to nap in the manger? Seriously, he smothered baby Jesus.
My husband built the creche'. Is there an apostrophe after creche' ?

The Arch Angel has take many headers and she has been glued, taped and reglued so many times we have lost count. Go ahead and zoom in and see her fatal injuries.

My husbands Aunt brought these back from one of her travels. They are handcarved wood.
Joseph is missing his staf. (staff?)
I'll find a twig to place in his hands because he looks like he's milking a cow.
I need photography lessons. These are my decorated stairs out of focus and way too dark.
And I need photoshop help too.

Gotta hide the wires.

This is my tree down by our front door. It holds all of my collectable Noah's Ark ornaments. The dog has knocked the tree over at least 3 times. It's now tied to the bannister.

My vintage angel. She sat on my Christmas tree ever since I can remember.
Her halo is taped to her back.
She used to be sitting on cotton to make it look like clouds.
The cats ate the cotton.
Patrick's nutcracker collection.
The cats have knocked these over a few times too.

My cherished church that my mom made. She went to a ceramics class for many years. This one has stained glass and lights up. I just love it.

Then there is Elvis the evil Christmas elf.
Why my mother liked this thing I'll never know.
He sits in our tree on an "elf shelf" to be found by nosy kids.
Elf Shelves are those big spacey holes in live Christmas trees that you never noticed when you walked for 2 hours straight trying to find the perfect Christmas tree.
Elf Shelves also cover up the holes in artificial trees when somehow a branch goes missing or you put the wrong color code on the wrong level and insist they packed you an extra "yellow" and not enough "reds" to complete the tree.
More ceramics. Well at least the one in the back. Santa had a really annoying musical thing in his pom pom on his hat. You know the ones-the tinny ones where you can't really understand if it's a Christmas tune or the dishwasher running.

The kids call this creation Melvin the Christmoose.
This is the ceramics stage when my mother learned to paint dots.
Oooohhh and stripes too-check out those ears.
His antler is glued on.....the cats knocked it over and broke it.
I have a penchant for snowmen.
Yes, that is the back of my toilet.
Toilets should get one glory day a year too don't you think?
Morgan putting my other prized angel on top of the tree
with a little help from Daddy.

Notice my living room. See-Christmas threw up. Stuff everywhere, ornaments flying.
Yup, it's Christmas.

We try to celebrate all the holidays at once.
See here we have the Christmas smore ghost ornament.
He was in the original Scrooge movie as an understudy.
I also have a love of antique glittery ornaments.

And crystal that the light shines through.

And Angels under glass.
No wait...that's duck.

See-Elvis the Elf follows you. Creepy.
Even his expression has changed.
Chills up my spine I tell ya.
And Snow angels with glass bellies filled with........well snow.

And snowmen with only two parts and heads bigger then their bodies.

Another favorite. My Mother in Law's antique handblown Magi ornaments.

Oooohhhhh and gumdrops.
Would Christmas be complete without gumdrops?
These are fake.
I hope you surround yourself this year with family that makes you smile, ornaments and kitch that bring back memories, pets that make you crazy and tangle free Christmas lights.
However you celebrate the season may peace be with you.


hiking-rhode-island said...

thanks for all the laughs Bev

kitchenwitch said...

My kids love to comment on the decorated front yards during various holidays- "look halloween/thanksgiving/christmas threw up on that one" is heard often. :)

I love your Christmasy house. It looks festive and fun!

Nutcrackers scare me though.

Creepy things those nutcrackers! My grandma has a bunch and my kids like to taunt me with them.