Monday, December 14, 2009

I Knew It Wouldn't Last Long

See? Told you. Kiwi, our beautiful Siamese has declared the Manger his bed.
Notice the Arch Angel swan diving for the ground.
Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus haven't been seen in two days.
I tried evicting him but in the spirit of the Nativity story I guess I should welcome this poor kitty with a place to spend the night.
Maybe not.

Happy Holidays!


Sara said...

Oh, goodness, that's the same problem I have with setting out nice things. I've always wanted a nature table, but ...

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I had to put my nativity in the picture window because the dog's tail kept hitting the figures and they were also doing swan dives!

Jolanthe said...

First there was no room at the inn for baby Jesus...and now this.

Poor baby. :)