Monday, July 20, 2009

Homeschoolers Cookout

We were finally able to have our homeschoolers over for a picnic. There were about 32 of us last I counted. It was a really fun day. We started around 1pm and ended around 8pm. Everyone was exhausted from all of the activities.

Lots of play on the slip and slide. I think the makers of slip and slide should make these about 20 feet longer. Just when you get a good slip going crash at the end.

Here Gab demonstrates the ever popular butt slide.

Zachary perfects the straight leg bullet slide.

We ate all day. Dear Husband cooked burgers and hotdogs and there was cous-cous with pecans and cranberries (delish), vegetable salad, watermelon, pasta salad, potatoe salad and raspberry sherbet for dessert. And smores. Can there ever be a picnic without smores?

The kids dove right in.

And lots of swimming. I used to think we had a large pool but when you cram about 20 kids into it well....not so much.

The giggly girls told secrets.

Even the grownups tried the slip and slide. Go Danielle!

Whoo hooo!

Little Avery even gave it a go.

And we welcomed 2 week old baby Cooper to homeschooling. He taught everyone the fine art of nursing all day and then demonstrated how to make a dirty diaper...twice. He's already perfected his craft even at such a young age.

Papa Joe took a nap under the willow tree. How did he sleep with all of those kids running around him?

Gideon cooed at baby Cooper. He thought is was more fun than his dog Bindy.

Kiara and Sara played in the kiddie pool that was all dirty from our nutball dog Stewie playing in it. No one seemed to mind.....the kids were soooooo clean anyway.

The boys pack hung out on some rocks.

The smoke from the fire created these really cool pictures.

Doesn't this look like something from the lost boys?

Avery hung out with the chickens.

Sue hung out with the girls on the rock in "the village."

Zoey was very thirsty.
We had a great day.

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