Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Camping Trip that Wasn't...for Me Anyway

I missed the whole camping trip. Yep, Lyme disease strikes again. I lasted a whole one night and had to come home.

See this man? That is a good man. He stayed at camp for four days with three kids while I was at home recuperating. Good man.
Then there's this man. Young-but a fledgling man none the less. He's grown and matured this past year. What a love. Gave me the biggest hug when he came home today and then asked for another. Sweet. My fledgling man. Wasn't he just 5 pounds in my arms?

Dear husband took the kids on some hikes.

And even managed to get a little homeschool lesson in at the Kettle Pond Visitor center.

Several lessons. Good man.

And even some beach time.

And I'm pretty sure they ate smores all week because they came home with almost all the food that I packed in the cooler.

Dear Husband even let the kids do really cool play with fire.

And ride their bikes in the street.
And use a pocket knife to whittle wood.
And let them use the grill to cook their own meals.
And taught them about the mating habits of weird beetles.
We at least ate the delicious pasta salad I made. Kalamata olives. Yumm.

Then there is this child. Sigh.
This giggly, not so girly, delicious girl.

This child. Who is fast with the quips and doesn't take guff from anyone.
This child. Sigh. Who makes puppets out of string cheese and necklaces out of hair bands.
This child. Who plowed through the door today to give her mom the longest, tightest, most bestest hug. This child, who made sure that the Dad stopped at Dunkin Donuts and brought her mom an iced coffee. Sigh.
Glad my family is back home.


Sara said...

It looks like they had a great time! Who was taking all those pictures?

homeschool mamma said...

The husband took most of them. I took a bunch the first day I was there.

Kez said...

Sorry you missed the camping, but it looks like they had fun :)