Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creating Sand Art

I take so many pictures that I forgot about these. Our homeschool group created some sand art a few weeks ago. The kids loved this activity.

Of course, you must find the perfect spot on the sidewalk to accomplish really beautiful sand art.

Big cheesy smiles are also required.

So are giggles.

The color selection must be just perfect. So many choices.

Orange and Yellow and Blue, Oh My!

Careful measuring ensures perfect results.

Perfect is in the eye of the creator.

Black was a favorite color choice.

All of the creations were different.

Shane chose pastels. He told me it was the color of his chickens.

Busy, delighted kids.

Jars of beauty.

The ants appreciated all the spilled sand. I had lovely colored ant hills the very next day.

Snacks, barefeet, sand.

Shy Sand Creations.
Proud and delighted.

What fun!

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