Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Day

We were supposed to be on vacation this week. I had to come home on Monday from camping. My Lyme test came back positive again. Arrgghhh. I am one week into antibiotics and was feeling really horrible. My husband and I talked about this possibly happening. I woke up Monday morning with such bad pain in my joints and muscles that I was having a hard time even walking. I thought it was best that I come home to rest. My husband, being the amazing Dad that he is, stayed behind with three kids and has brought them to the beach, bike riding, made smores, built campfires and sand castles and made sure they had a great vacation.

But, I like to focus on the days that are good. Like last Friday when we got to visit some friends at their beach house and play on the beach. It was a wonderfully relaxing day and the swimming helped my tired body quite a bit.

Tae enjoying a lollipop at the beach.

A rare shot of me at the beach. I'm usually taking the pictures.

All the kids riding the waves.

Tae watching the ship go by.

Morgan hunting for sand crabs.

Like these. Totally weird. Tae called them cockroaches.

Patrick surfing. He was in the water for about 4 hours.

And riding the waves. I love this shot.

So much fun.

The boogie board got a work out.

My little man played in the sand.

Morgan and Gabriella pretended to be mermaids.

Tae made moats. I can't count how many trips he made down to the water with his bucket.

Sand and Water. Is there anything more fun?

I guess not.

Mermaid Gabriella.

My handsome oldest. Almost a teenager. How did that happen?

Water tickling our toes.

See that black thing in the water behind Patrick? It's a seal....or a sea lion. We can't tell which. It was swimming along the shore when we arrived at the beach. Every so often it would pop it's head up and dive back under the water. Very cool.

I have some posting over the next few days about our Meetinghouse art project, and my trip to the new Teacher's Store that I found.
Happy Summer!

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Bargain Becky said...

That's so sad about your Lyme Disease! Again!?!?! Well at least the kids look like they had a great time!! Hope you are recovering okay!